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Postcards of Mexico and Iran.

"Postcards from Mexico and Iran" is a photographic exhibition that brings together various regions, ways of life, landscapes, and moments of two countries that have moved constantly for centuries without losing their identities. Mexico and Iran are diverse countries in their beliefs, languages, ecosystems, clothing, food, and thought. However, there is something that unites us: the pride of being different but knowing that we are Mexicans or Iranians.The exhibition presents a vision of a deep Mexico and Iran, the one outside the spotlight or tourist routes. The collection is a carousel of images rarely seen by Mexicans and Iranians, as a result of countless trips to the heart of the lands over more than 20 years guided by the same vision: "to let things happen when the perfect moment finds us”."Postcards from Mexico and Iran" is a brief journey through humanity and nature, which are the essence of both countries and a sample of the different worlds in which we live, which are not that different after all.Manuel CerónPhotographer

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