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It all started on a Sunday morning.

Two types of images changed my way of seeing life and later the way of doing photography. On the one hand, the photographs of World War II appeared in a newspaper supplement that my grandfather used to read and then piled up in his house when I was a kid. The photographs were contrasted, real, some perfect, but others with high technical deficiencies, however, all of them led me to listen to the sound of war, to imagine the mist created by the fog and the smoke of the fires or the roar of the shrapnel.


On the other hand, the portraits that appeared on the front and back covers of the Jazz records that were in my family's house, or the portraits of the Mexican movie stars that appeared in all kinds of publications, led me to think about the force of the characters and the stories. After watching the movies, or listening to his music, it became a sublime act for me since somehow, from a very young age, I thought I could know the rest of his story with that information that an image could give me.


Today my photographic work recovers these two statements, spaces and situations as the space of a story in which we are guests or characters, which I like to think, can be expressed at any time.


I do not plan to bring the images to technical perfection; I only seek to reflect on them or at the moment they were taken and lead the observers behind me and share the life that can be better lived just by observing a little more.

I was a musician for a long time, and I have spent thousands of hours writing trying to explain what I saw. Today I simply let things happen and light everything that leads me to think that I am not alone in the world.

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